Is the appointment booking deposit refundable?

It’s important to note that the booking deposit fee and booking fee are non-refundable, as they are used to secure the patient’s appointment slot and cover administrative costs associated with scheduling and managing appointments.

However, if a patient needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment, the booking deposit fee and booking fee can be applied towards a future appointment with our licensed medical marijuana doctors in Florida. This ensures that the patient’s payment is not lost, and they can still receive the care they need at a later date.

We take a deposit because we have a high number of patients seeking medical marijuana evaluations, and the time of our licensed medical marijuana doctors is valuable. By taking a deposit at the time of booking, we ensure that the patient is committed to attending their scheduled appointment and that our doctors’ time is used efficiently.

Additionally, the booking deposit fee and booking fee cover the cost of our online platform, which makes it easy and convenient for patients to schedule appointments with licensed medical marijuana doctors in Florida. Our platform streamlines the appointment scheduling process, saving patients time and effort and allowing them to get the care they need quickly and efficiently.

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